Muju We provide you with health in nature. Namyoung Pharm. Co., Ltd carefully selects medicinal ingredients that is grown in Muju's clean area Dukyoo-mountain
and natural environment of Muju-guchun-dong's high mountains and deep valleys and manufactures specialized healthy food products.
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Safe raw materials,
trustworthy product.

From selection of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging, product is proceeded through a thorough quality inspection and database through the affiliated research lab. Namyoung Pharm. Co., Ltd staff and leaders are doing the best everyday in order to produce manufactured goods using safe raw material production and Gastrodia elata blume which is the local specialty product.

A leading company
in the slow food industry.

This is a leading company producing the value of slow food, through various research development of food using Gastrodia elata blume, which is the specialty product of Muju area.


" Namyoung Pharm. Co., Ltd's ideology is customer satisfaction.
Namyoung's both present and future are the health of citizens. "

Herbal Medicine Business

Our company complies with the systematic management standards of GMP, from purchasing raw materials to storage, manufacturing, and shipping.

Health Food Business

We are equipped with structures and facilities conforming to HACCP standards to manufacture and manage high-quality medicine and medical supplies with guaranteed quality, from the warehousing of goods to shipment.