Herbal Medicine

HGMP Definition & Certification


This is an abbreviation of ‘GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE’, a basic condition guaranteeing the stability and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in terms of quality. It is considered to be an excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing management standard and is a specification of various requirements to manufacture high-quality pharmaceuticals. It is a norm that must be observed during the entire process of quality control, from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.


It is a standard for the production of excellent medicinal herb products, regulating manufacturing and the quality control of a product.

Purpose of GMP

The purpose is to secure product EFFICACY, SAFETY, and STABILITY through 'minimization of artificial errors', 'prevention of contamination and quality deterioration', and 'establishment of a quality assurance system'.

Medicinal Herbs GMP Manufacturing Process Guide


Preliminary Quality Inspection

Checking the quality of raw materials through preliminary quality inspection in the medicinal stuffs producing area.

Ingredients Warehousing Inspection

Checking the description and organoleptic properties by an oriental medicine pharmacist when receiving raw materials / Checking the quality of raw materials by inspecting necessary items (residual pesticides, content of indicator ingredients) according to 'Korean Pharmacopoeia' and 'Herb Medicine Standards' before product production.

Manufacture of Standardized Products

Manufacturing high-quality herbal medicine standardized products in accordance with
product standards only for licensed and reported items.

Quality Inspection of Finished Products

Rechecking the quality using the physicochemical method for designated items according to the 'Korean Pharmacopoeia' and 'Herb Medicine Standards' after production to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Logistics Management

Storing and managing finished products at the temperature specified by the 'Korean Pharmacopoeia'
in a storage room that can manage temperature and humidity.


Delivering the items stored in the storage room after confirming the order quantity.