Health Food

HACCP Definition & Certification


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a hygiene management system that prevents biological, chemical, and physical hazards from being mixed or contaminated in the food at each stage, from the production of food raw materials until consumption. This is a scientific hygiene management system designed to supply safe and clean products to consumers by blocking occurrence of harmful factors in advance.

HA : Hazard Analysis

Analyze physical hazards, including pathogenic microorganisms that may arise from the raw materials and processes.

CCP : Critical Control Point

Focus management of processes or steps to prevent, eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level biological, chemical.

HACCP 7 Principles & 12 Procedures

HACCP 12 procedures contain a total of 12 steps consisting of 5 preparation steps and 7 HACCP principles.
These are the procedures for establishing the HACCP management system.